Tips for Making Visits to Your Elderly Loved One Go Smoothly

Has your elderly loved one been changing recently? Maybe they seem to be moodier when you go to visit them. They might be less talkative, as well. These are just a few of the changes that you might notice in your elderly loved one. If you have found visits with your loved one less pleasurable than you used to, there are some tips for making visits go smoothly.


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Paying Attention to Their Body Language 

One of the tips for making visits with your elderly loved one go smoothly is paying attention to their body language. When you are interacting with your loved one, there is more to than just what they are saying. You need to listen to them while they talk, be mindful of what their body is saying, and respond accordingly. Sometimes elderly adults are saying they are fine, for instance, when their body language is saying anything but that. Once you notice your loved one’s body language, you can better understand them and what they are actually feeling.

Don’t Overload Your Loved One with Too Much Information

Many elderly adults are already feeling overwhelmed. If you come to visit them and throw a bunch of information at them, they are likely to get irritated, stop talking, and maybe even get an attitude with you. Making the visits with your elderly loved one go smoothly can happen by reducing the amount of information you provide your loved one with during each visit. For instance, many elderly adults only want to answer yes or no questions, instead of ones where they have to think a lot to answer. Keep this in mind during your next visit with your elderly loved one. 

Validation of Your Loved One’s Feelings

If visits with your elderly loved one haven’t been going smoothly, it might be because you haven’t been validating their feelings. They might feel as if you don’t understand or care about what they are going through. Make sure you take the time to acknowledge what your loved one is saying and feeling – even if you have to repeat what they said to make sure you understand.

Letting Your Loved One Feel That They Are Heard

Elderly adults, most of all, just want to be heard. They want to know that their loved ones are still listening to what they are saying and not pushing them aside. If you want your next visit with your elderly loved one to go smoothly, let them know you hear what they are saying. Let them know that you care about what they do and say.


These are some of the tips for making visits to your elderly loved one go smoothly. Use these tips to build the bond between you and your loved one. 

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