What Do You and Your Senior Do for Fun?


Are you and your aging family member having fun together? You might feel as if your duties as her caregiver keep you locked into being serious all the time, but having fun with your senior benefits you both.


Homecare in Birmingham MI: Seniors Having Fun


Pick Themes for Fun Days

It might sound a little silly but picking themes for special days or for one day a week can be a lot of fun. You might consider costumes or simply picking an activity that fits the theme. However you choose to do it, a theme day can be a way for both of you to be a little goofy and to get as creative as you want to be.


Talk about Happy Memories

Going through old photo albums and sharing the happy stories behind the images can also be a lot of fun. Even if you’ve heard the stories a million times, this time around might be the day you ask those questions you always meant to ask or that you record your senior telling you the story. You may even hear stories that are new this time around.

Play a Game Together

How often do you and your senior just play? You can pick a game and just get lost into it for a little while with each other. Board games are easy to do this with, but so are card games and word puzzles. If your elderly family member likes picture puzzles, that can be a running game that you play together whenever you want. 

Learn Something New Together

Are you and your senior into hobbies or is there something you’ve both wanted to learn to do? It might be a perfect time to learn something new together that you can enjoy. Put some ideas in a hat and pick one that you might want to try. You don’t have to stick with it forever, especially if neither of you like it. 

Cook and Eat Foods You Love

Food brings everyone together. And if you’re making old family recipes with your senior, that can be even better. Maybe there’s that one recipe that you’ve never gotten the recipe for. Maybe now is the chance to write it down as you and your senior cook it. This can fit well with theme days, too.

Your senior’s health might be difficult for both of you to cope with occasionally, but that doesn’t mean you can’t and shouldn’t have fun together however you can.

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