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In-Home Care Services for Senior Citizens in SE Michigan

Aging adults, depending on their health and living situations, have a variety of needs. One need that is important for individuals of advanced age, whether they are living alone, in a nursing home or assisted living facility, or already receiving medical home care services, is companionship.

In-home companion care services can help older adults with in-home care including many necessary activities, such as serving meals and providing medication reminders. One of the most crucial services they provide is, simply, companionship.

Home care companions go beyond caregiving and provide a social connection that many older adults lack, sharing with them the types of simple social and community activities that enrich all our daily lives.

Companion Care Activities for Seniors

At CareOne, we believe that all individuals can benefit from simple, stimulating, and fun activities, either physical or mental. Activities that are structured to improve the individual's overall functioning, such as memory games or physical movement exercises, are effective tools for helping to improve and maintain functions such as memory, mood, and mobility.

Caregivers are trained and ready to incorporate strategies into our companionship care services when they think their clients will benefit and enjoy these enhanced daily activities.

Companionship is vital to senior citizens who may feel isolated and alone. Affordable companionship home care services can be a lifesaver to many elderly adults who look forward to their caregiver visits and count on their companions to provide them with compassion, as well as good company.

Compassionate Senior Companion Care Services

Companion care sessions are also a chance for the caregiver to check in on the senior's overall well-being. Companion care is an important adjunct to physical home care services, like personal care grooming or changing bed linens, since it addresses the whole person, body, and spirit.

Many seniors are less verbal in their elder years, so in addition to conversational cues, an attentive companion caregiver may pick up on changes in mood, extra fatigue, or other signs the client may need additional help or special attention.

No matter what the home or health situation may be, seniors can benefit from the many services provided by a companion caregiver.

Activities of Daily Living Include:

  • Safety and security checks
  • Managing daily routines such as personal care
  • Mail and personal correspondence
  • Small home projects
  • Light housekeeping
  • Hobbies and games
  • Reminders (medications, appointments, etc.)
  • Reading and conversation
  • Memory care activities
  • Physical movement
  • Trips outdoors to benefit from fresh air and sunshine
  • Transportation for errands and appointments
  • Attendant care during social events and outings

Our experienced companion care staff will also interact with family members to keep them informed of the activities and well-being of their aging loved ones.

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Dementia and Alzheimer's In-Home Care Services

CareOne specializes in providing professional home care services for Alzheimer's patients and their families. We are uniquely qualified and provide special training to not only better understand the disease, but to also learn skills to best manage the care of memory-affected clients.

We work with all stages of Alzheimers with the goal to allow your loved ones to stay in their own homes as long as possible rather than in a long-term care facility. In addition, our certified practitioner will oversee the care team, assist in managing the customized home care plan including respite care, and make sure the best practices are implemented.

What is Dementia?

Dementia is a general term for a decline in mental ability severe enough to interfere with daily activity. Memory loss is one example. Alzheimer's is the most common type and causes problems with memory, thinking, and behavior, and accounts for 60 to 80 percent of all dementia cases.

More than 5 million Americans live with Alzheimer's disease today, and many are cared for by a family member in the home. Unfortunately, the disease can often present some unique physical and emotional challenges. If your loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's or you are experiencing challenges with providing care, we are here to help.

Specialized Caregiving Services for Parkinson's

We work with families and their loved ones, of any age affected by this disease, every day at CareOne, providing in-home assistance to ensure safety, independence, and continued quality of life. Research has led to significant and improved care options that bring hope to thousands.

The goal with any diagnosis or disease is to have a better understanding of it in order to provide the best care and assistance possible.

Understanding Parkinson's:

  • What is Parkinson's?
  • Early Warning Signs
  • Motor Symptoms
  • Non-Motor Symptoms
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • Living Well
  • Caregiving
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In Home Care for Parkinson’s Disease

The first Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) affected by Parkinson's Disease typically include the ability to dress, walk or get in and out of bed. While treatment for Parkinson's disease can provide dramatic relief from symptoms, later stages may require additional assistance at home.

At CareOne we have a certified Parkinson's disease team leader on staff to help the care team and family of a Parkinson's client live independently in their own home.

Hospice Assistance - Honoring End of Life CareCompanion Care Services for Seniors in SE Michigan | CareOne Senior Care - Hospice_-_Making_Life_Better_Seal

Hospice is an incredibly personal experience. It's all about love and support, as well as making someone comfortable. CareOne Senior Care provides hospice assistance and works closely with the hospice provider of your choice.

Our certified End of Life team leader and experienced caregivers will become part of your hospice care team, making sure that your loved one receives the absolute best care and assistance possible.

When to Consider Hospice?

  • Healthcare goals turn from care to comfort
  • Diagnosis of limiting, chronic conditions or illness is received
  • More tests and treatment detract from quality of daily living
  • Your physician and other health care providers support the decision to choose hospice

Compassion, Dignity and Support - We are committed to supporting family caregivers by supporting their loved one's care and ensuring they live every day to the fullest!

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