Keeping Senior Citizens Warm in the Winter Months


Unfortunately, there are many senior citizens that get too cold in the winter. They can’t fully enjoy the beautiful snow and the outdoors because of the intense cold. However, there are some tips on keeping senior citizens in your life warmer in the winter months. If you are caring for an elderly adult, these tips are going to help keep them warm. Share these tips with their elder care providers, as well.


Senior Care in Beverly Hills MI: Keeping Senior Warm

Proper Heat in the Home

One of the main tips for keeping senior citizens warm in the winter months is keeping proper heat in the home. The temperature should be no lower than 68-70 degrees Fahrenheit. This will assure that your elderly loved one doesn’t get too cold.

Winterizing the Doors and Windows

There are many programs out there that help with proper winterization. There are also many products that you can get to winterize your elderly loved one’s home. You can get weather strips and caulk for a start. You and your elderly loved one’s elder care providers can put these up, so your loved one’s home stays warm.

Dressing in Warmer Layers

It is important to make sure your elderly loved one gets dressed in warmer layers. You should at least make sure they have the extra layers handy, so they can get to them easily if they need them. Many senior citizens get too hot or too cold quickly. The extra layers are going to help keep them warm during the winter months.

Slip-Proof Socks and Blankets

Two other ways to keep your elderly loved one warmer in the winter months is by putting slip-proof socks on them and cover their legs with a blanket when they are sitting down. These are two ways to keep the lower half of their body warm. If you can do that, they can be comfortable during the winter months.

Proper Clothing Outdoors

If you are going to venture outdoors with your elderly loved one, be sure they have the proper clothing on when going outdoors. They should have socks, boots, gloves, hat, scarf, and a winter coat on. Don’t let them go outdoors without these things on. They could quickly get cold and catch pneumonia or another illness.


Yes, nutrition does play a role in keeping the body warm. In fact, there are many foods that provide the body will energy to fuel it up. These are the types of foods that you will want to make sure your loved one is eating plenty of during the winter months.

These are some of the tips for keeping senior citizens warmer during the winter months. If you are caring for an elderly adult in your life, follow these tips precisely to assure they don’t get too cold.


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