Family Care Techniques That Reduce Tension Between You and Your Parents

When you're the family caregiver, tensions between you and your parents may arise.
They may not enjoy having you telling them what needs to get done. They may see your help with personal care, housework, and meals, even if it's necessary, as an interruption to their usual routine.

As tension builds, it can make it harder to provide the care you know they need. How can you reduce this tension and get back to the relationship you had before?


Senior Care in Bloomfield Hills MI: Caregiver Tips


Learn to Listen

When your parents object to doing something, ask why. Find out exactly what is causing their agitation or disagreeable attitude. There may be something you can do to change how that task is completed. Listen and don't react negatively. They could have valid points.

For example, if you're trying to get your dad to take his medications, but he refuses. You discover that he hates the taste when he takes them with water. Verify with the pharmacist that he can take them with coffee, tea, or juice. That may be all that's needed to get him to take them without an argument.

Your mom is fighting you over the laundry. You find out she's embarrassed that she has bladder leakage issues and doesn't want you washing her underwear. That's another situation you can work with by allowing her to hand wash her underwear while you do the rest. Purchasing liners may also help ease her embarrassment.


Know When to Back Down

The first thing about being a family caregiver is knowing when to back down. There will be days when your parents simply don't want to do what you want. Try not to let that get to you. Back down and move on and do something else instead. You can come back to that task later.


Assign Tasks to Someone Else

It may be time to hire professional help to do the tasks that upset your parents the most. They may simply be uncomfortable with you helping them get dressed, shower, and brush their teeth. It's often easier to allow a stranger to help with these personal tasks. 

Home care services help to reduce some of the tension. When you're stressed, your parents will sense it. If they're agitated, you're going to be stressed. Step back and let a trained caregiver help out. You'll all feel better and enjoy your time together. Learn more about rates and services by calling a home care agency.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering Senior Care in Bloomfield Hills, MI, or the surrounding area, please contact the caring staff at CareOne Senior Care today. Call us at (248) 308-2777.

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