CareOne Senior Care and Electronic Caregiver-Saving Lives Together

CareOne Senior Care and Electronic Caregiver-Saving Lives Together!

Novi, MI……..Helping the Elderly live safely and Independently at home is the primary reason CareOne Senior Care was founded.   From personal family experience, I know all too well the challenges the aging process can present while trying to maintain residence in the family home.   In our home care business, CareOne Senior Care, we are often called upon to provide care for clients recovering from a fall, accident or illness.     I have helped clients transition home from the hospital who have experienced a fall and laid at the bottom of the basement stairs for 10 hours before someone found them.  Another who laid in bed for a day with no food or water because they were too ill to call for help   A third that that went outside to water her flowers, tripped on the stairs and broke several ribs.  It took her 2 hours to crawl in the house to call for help.   Accidents happen but the extra pain and suffering doesn’t have to. 

Electronic Caregiver is dedicated to promoting independence and safetyWhen I was introduced to the product, I instantly knew that CareOne Senior Care needed to offer this product and Help Save Lives.    Electronic Caregiver is a personal medical monitoring system and provides safety and security in one stylish fitness band watch. The Electronic Caregiver provides:

•    Medication reminders and personalized health messages

•    24/7 Access to an EMT staffed call center with the push of a button

•    GPS location services plus familiar places

•    Activity / Inactivity Alerts

•    Access to a physician consultation 24/7

•    Interactive App to keep caregivers and family informed

Be a hero and save a life. If you know of someone who lives alone, is a fall risk or just needs medication reminders, this is a great way to keep them safe and give peace of mind to their loved ones.

Call CareOne Senior Care today to learn more about the Electronic Caregiver. 

248 308 2777

Carrie Akin, CSA, CDP

CareOne Senior Care

Serving Southeast Michigan

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