How to Talk to a Senior About Caregiver Burnout

When you’re the primary family caregiver for an older adult, you may eventually suffer from caregiver burnout. It occurs when you feel overwhelmed, tired, and frustrated by the responsibilities of being a caregiver.
The best way to deal with caregiver burnout is to bring in some extra help. However, that means having a conversation with your aging relative about how you’re feeling and why you need help. That can be a difficult conversation because it may make the older adult feel like a burden or they may resist having other people, especially professional home care providers they don’t know, assisting them. Below are some tips for talking to a senior about caregiver burnout.


Caregiver in Plymouth MI: Caregiver Burnout


Talk About How You’re Feeling
If the senior notices that you’re not quite yourself or that you feel upset, use it as an opportunity to talk to them about how you are feeling. Tell them about being overwhelmed by the responsibilities of caregiving on top of your responsibilities to your job, your family, and other aspects of your life. Once you’ve explained how you’re feeling the door is open to discuss how you can move forward and the kind of help you need.

Relieve Fears of Abandonment
When you talk about bringing in a home care provider, your aging relative may worry that you are planning to abandon them altogether. Explain to them that you are going to continue visiting them to assist with their needs. Tell them that by accepting the help of a home care provider, they will be helping you to take better care of yourself. That means you’ll be in a better mood and be able to get more done when you are with the older adult. 

Discuss Problems You’re Having with Balance
One of the reasons caregivers suffer from burnout is because they are unable to find the balance between all of the parts of their life. Instead of just telling the older adult that you need to do less, try telling them that you are having difficulty finding the balance between the care you want to ensure they receive while also being able to take care of yourself and your family. By having someone else take on some of the work, you’ll have more time to take care of your own health and spend time with your children and significant other.

Talk About What Home Care Is
One of the concerns your older family member may have about accepting a home care provider to relieve your caregiver burnout is that they may think having a stranger in the home isn’t safe. They may also be uncertain of what to expect from home care. Explain to them that the home care provider will have gone through a process to ensure the senior’s safety, including a background check. Also, tell them about all the benefits of having a home care provider and what the provider will do for them, like cleaning up the house, cooking meals, and doing activities with them.


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