CareOne Senior Care Shares Information And Products for Infectious Disease Prevention With Clients and Caregivers

CareOne Senior Care is working hard to stay ahead of the Coronavirus by being pro-active in the fight against Infectious disease.

Home Care in Novi MI:Disease Prevention

Laura Goluban, Office Manager at CareOne Senior Care, shares some complimentary home supplies and educational material with Caregiver, Lisa Lester, and her client, about how to protect and prevent the spread infectious disease, like COVID-19  

Home Care in Novi MI:Disease Prevention

We take our clients' and caregivers' health seriously and will use every precaution possible to ensure your safety.


If you or an aging loved-one are considering hiring a Home Care in Novi, MI, or the surrounding area, please contact the caring staff at CareOne Senior Care today. Call us at (248) 308-2777.

CareOne is Proactive in Practices

Home Care in Novi MI: CareOne Senior Care continues to operate under standard operating procedures to protect our clients throughout the entire year. We do not allow our staff who may have a common cold or flu to interact with our Seniors while sick.

Supporting Senior's Nutritional Health

Home Care in Novi MI: Many seniors face inadequate nutrition. The effects of being undernourished or malnourished can be dangerous, so it is important to recognize signs of nutritional issues in aging loved ones.

Home Remedies for Dad’s Knee Pain

Home Care in Plymouth MI: Knee pain can occur in older adults for a variety of reasons. They may suffer a strain or sprain due to a fall or overexertion. Or, they could have knee pain from arthritis.

Coping with the Time Change

Home Care in Livonia MI: Recently, daylight savings time officially ended again as we turned our clocks back one hour on Sunday, November 3rd, making sunrise and sunset times an hour earlier.
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