Home Remedies for Knee Pain

Knee pain can occur in older adults for a variety of reasons. They may suffer a strain or sprain due to a fall or overexertion. Or, they could have knee pain from arthritis. Though it is important to have any new pain evaluated by a doctor, especially if it is due to an injury, once the senior has seen a doctor, it is possible to help them manage knee pain at home using some home remedies in addition to the treatment suggested by the doctor.

Home Care in Plymouth MI: Senior Knee Pain

Below are some things to try at home to relieve your elderly parent’s knee pain.



RICE stands for rest, ice, compression, elevation. It can be particularly effective when knee pain is caused by an injury. Your parent should sit down to rest the knee and keep it elevated. Apply an ice pack to the knee (use a frozen bag of vegetables if an ice pack isn’t available). Use a compression bandage to wrap the knee and keep swelling down. 

An elderly care provider can help with the RICE method by assisting to wrap the knee and apply an ice pack. The elderly care provider can also allow the older adult to rest by taking care of housework and meal preparation while the senior sits with their leg elevated.

Stay Active

Your parents might be tempted to move as little as possible to avoid the pain. However, it’s better for them to keep moving as much as possible once the period of rest is over. A lack of movement can cause muscles to get weak and may also reduce the range of motion in the knee. 

An elderly care provider can assist your parent to move around safely and prevent a fall by supporting them. Elderly care providers can also encourage the older adult to do any knee exercises recommended by the doctor or physical therapist.

Use a Walking Aid

If the doctor has suggested the use of a cane or walker to take some weight off the knee and prevent a fall, make sure your parent uses it. They may resist the use of the aid at first because of embarrassment or believing they don’t need it, but if you can get them to use it even temporarily, they will see that it helps with the pain. 

An elderly care provider can remind your parents to use the cane or walker and help them to use it correctly. 

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