Do You Have Too Much Going On?


When you’ve got too much going on as a caregiver, there are areas of your life that are going to suffer. You can’t go on too long like that, either, so it’s important to get a handle on things as soon as possible.

Elder Care in Beverly Hills MI: Caregiver Tips

You Can’t Keep Neglecting Self-care

Often the first thing to go is self-care and most caregivers don’t even notice until it’s been a while that they’ve been neglecting themselves. The problem is that your responsibilities aren’t going to slow down or go away. If you’re not taking care of yourself, you’re eventually going to be completely unable to take care of those responsibilities. It’s vital that you put self-care back in place now so that you can deal with what’s already got you overwhelmed.

Really Pay Attention to All that You’re Responsible for Handling

It’s time to drill down into what you’re responsible for taking care of because some of those responsibilities might not fit into your goals as a caregiver. Prioritize the different roles you play in your own life and look at what you have to do with all of them. For instance, as a caregiver, you’ve got a variety of tasks that have to be completed. The same goes for your personal life, for your job, and for other vital, non-negotiable roles. 

Start Protecting Your Time and Your Energy

Being a caregiver means that you’re a helper. You’re consistently helping and that’s a great thing. But when you’re letting your desire to help get in the way of what you can realistically do. It’s time now for you to start protecting your energy and your time. Saying no to something is perfectly acceptable and it’s necessary if you’re overwhelmed with what you already need to do.

Think about How Changing Your Schedule and Routines Might Help

Your own routines and schedules might be part of what’s tripping you up. Take a look at how each day is unfolding for you. You might even want to start keeping a simple time map, where you jot down what you were doing at different points in your day. This can help you to see where you’re getting overwhelmed the most and what might help. If your senior’s needs are getting too complicated to handle on your own, hiring home care providers might be the best answer. But until you investigate, you might still be floundering without a good understanding of what is causing you trouble.

Making even one of these changes can help you to feel a little less flustered each day and that’s important. 



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